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London Academy of Barbering

Welcome to the LAB

The London Academy of Barbering (LAB) is London’s first fully collaborative barber shop and academy giving students genuine work experience as well as a recognised certificate to barbers locally and nationally. Every course has been carefully designed by barbers and entrepreneurs to teach the real, functional skills that the job requires.


Set adjoined to the bustling Headcase Cannon Wharf barber shop, the LAB offers a variety of intensive in-depth courses from starting a career in barbering to starting a business in barbering. Every student and alumni are part of an ever growing community of professionals that contribute, connect and collaborate beyond every course ensuring the learning never stops.


The LAB is a safe and progressive establishment that encourages creativity, personality and innovation thanks to experienced tutors who understand the importance of growth. Between the master barber Big Phil and barbering entrepreneur Yuriy Lugovyy they bring over a decade of experience ensuring students learn from the mistakes and successes of their own careers.

Haircut Academy

Hair is everything, especially when it comes to our physical appearance. So undoubtedly, bad haircuts and hair days are most people’s worst nightmare. Joining a barber training academy can significantly improve your skills if you are an aspiring barber.

London Academy of Barbering is an expert barber academy specialising in training and courses for various barbering services. The mark of a good barber is not just a good technique but also a visionary approach to every appointment.

Therefore, our barbering academy takes a holistic approach. Each course is designed to address the unique concerns and pain points of both professional and amateur barbers. In addition, you get accessto expert tips, special techniques and business acumen for guaranteed success.



The skills I learnt here were practical and helped me achieve precision cuts in tight schedules. Useful beyond belief.



Amazing tutor who is supportive and ensured I truly understood everything. The real life work experience set the course above any others I found.



After losing my job during the pandemic, this course helped me to re-skill and get back onto the job market and also earn more than my last job! NO REGRETS!

Big Phil

Meet Your Tutor

Master barber Phil Coyle (aka Big Phil) is your BFG – Big Friendly Glaswegian, who has multiple years experience as a barbering tutor, manager and consultant. Phil is full of personality and brings his charisma and talent to every task be it training a new barber or grafting at the chair. A strong believer in people from all walks of life, Phill will ensure you feel comfortable and learn in the most efficient and effective way for you.

Our courses

At the London Academy of Barbering we have developed in-depth courses that will ensure you become the barber you want. Whether you are looking to start your new career or are looking for a refresher then we have you covered. We even have a course that will turn your career into your dream business. Enrol today to start your journey.


Train with The LAB to learn the fundamental skills to become a confident, competent, shop-ready barber in as little as a month. Beginning with training heads and progressing to real life clients, The LAB will cover all the styles you'll need to know from long hair to skin-fades. As well as covering cutthroat shaves, here at The LAB we will make sure you are confident at cutting hair in a time sensitive environment, making you as employable as possible within a month. Included in this course is the Taking Care of business (TCB3) where you will be armed with the everyday knowledge and tools required to help you launch into a long and successful barbering career.

Starts from the 1st of every month

Training Confident Barbers

Want to brush up on your skills? For the qualified barber returning to the industry or the new graduate, the TCB2 course is here for you. Whether it's scissor work, clipper work or cutthroat razor, The LAB is a non-judgemental, educational space where you can fine-tune your skills without the pressure of the shop floor. Maybe your cutting skills are bang-on but you're struggling with the customer facing side of the role? We are confident we can help you approach everyday difficult situations that arise when dealing with the public. Leaving ego at the door, The LAB will help you become an asset to the shop that any manager would want to employ, and every customer will want to come back to.

from £500
from  £100

Taking Care of Business

Making barbering your business, the TCB3 course will prepare you to step into the barbering world, whatever your path is going to be. Here at The LAB you will learn about employment, becoming self-employed, or even preparing to open your own shop from our experienced self-employed master barber and accountants who can help and advise you on any matter. From tax returns to business plans, from franchise shops to handling your tips, our experience in the industry will equip you with the tools you need to legally manage your earnings. As payments become more and more digital, having a firm understanding of the 'tips and tax' world is key and the TCB3 course will ensure you can take care of you and your business

Custome Hours

Taking Care of Barbers

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You can contact the LAB via telephone, email or using the chat feature. Alternativly you can come on down and talk to someone from The LAB directly.

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